Third Party Logistics (TPL)


Third Party Logistics (TPL)


In support of SIM GMC Doro clinic in Marban county S-Sudan and the works and efforts of the missionary medical teams, HSO engaged various partners and companies to procure medications, supplies, hiring of staff and other related activities since the year 2012. Since then, the number of partners we work together with has increased. Medications are purchased from prequalified companies known for their quality checks and transported to their destinations through networks developed for both ground and air transport.

What we do!

Logistics management within HSO involves the flow of medical supplies, equipment’s and services between the pre-identified suppliers and hospitals in need in order to meet hospital requirements of patient care. TPL mission within the broader HSO mission is to support our partners and programs achieve effectiveness, efficiency and economy in medical care delivery.



  • GMC Doro clinic in Marban S-Sudan
  • WGM for S-Sudan
  • IDAT S-Sudan
  • PIH-Malawi
  • University of Texas Medical Branch