Medical Education Support

Medical Education Support seeks to build and strengthen the human resource capacity of partner institutions. We support long term and short term training based on our partner’s needs. HSO helps facilitate training in medicine, nursing, anesthesia among others. Partnering with reputable Kenyan institutions, HSO supports training of qualified candidates who show a personal commitment to service to those in need. Training opportunities have been extended to citizens of Tanzania and South Sudan.



Curative Medical Support (CMS)

A common healthcare dilemma in Africa is the accessibility of quality healthcare at an affordable cost. The HSO Curative Medical Support Program has partnered with Watsi and the African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF) to address this. Together we provide a framework that enables individuals across the world to directly fund life-changing medical interventions to people who are in need. The Program began in 2013, and has since facilitated care for over 1,700 people across 4 East African Countries within 6 Hospitals.



Research Administration Services

Hospital Support Organization (HSO) has been supporting research in Kenya since 2013.  The Research Administration Services (RAS) are geared towards local and international collaborations and consortiums interested in doing research in Kenya for an administrative fee.  HSO has strong internal systems and a network of partners and vendors that we leverage to ensure projects run smoothly.  We support research activities through technical assistance, regular reporting, supply chain management and logistics to ensure projects run on time and at projected cost.



Third Party Logistics (TPL)

TPL within HSO is a service for our partners’ supply chain management and HR functions. This value-added service package includes integrated operation, storage arrangements and transportation services that are scaled and customized to our partners’ needs and based on market conditions. Best practice procurement procedures are in place for outsourcing medical supplies and equipment. Realized value benefits are transferred to our partners. In 2015, TPL within HSO processed multiple supplies for partners in South Sudan, Malawi and in Kenya.