Curative Medical Support (CMS)


Curative Medical Support (CMS)


The HSO-Curative Medical Support Program was started in 2013, with the objective of linking individuals in need of medical intervention to individuals who are willing and able to help.

The program partners with Watsi and the African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF) to support care for patients in over 5 different hospitals across 3 East African countries.


What we do

Imagine a mother with three children, in labour at home with her fourth-at risk of losing her child because she cannot afford to deliver at the Hospital that is a few miles away from her home; or a father of six who has been out of work for one year because he had an accident where he broke his leg; or a child born with an acquired malformation but goes blind because his mother is unable to pay for the surgery that her baby needs.



Our partners

The HSO Curative Medical Support Program has partnered with Watsi and the African Mission Healthcare Foundation. In addition, patients enrolled onto the program can seek medical care at any of the following hospitals that partner with us:

In Kenya

AIC Kijabe Hospital
Bethany Kids Kijabe Hospital
Nazareth Hospital

In Ethiopia

Bethany Kids Myungsung Christian Medical Center (BKMCM)
Soddo Christian Hospital

In Uganda

Holy Family Virika Hospital
Karoli Lwanga Hospital, Nyakibale