About Us


Founded in 2011. HSO creates an enabling environment that ensures healthcare partners are supported to meet a particular need that impacts on the health system of the hospital. The organization aims to address the challenge of support to hospitals by being partners in tackling the challenge of mobilizing resources, allocating limited resources, and supporting hospital growth, while maintaining the focus of the partner hospitals to the poor.



To partner with individual healthcare facilities in Eastern Africa to strengthen the health systems to improve individual and community health.



HSO supports healthcare facilities by providing resources to help them serve the community with a focus on strengthening healthcare systems.  We listen to our partners, evaluate the engagement independently and make long lasting commitment.


Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency:
HSO selects high-impact initiatives for sponsorship and provides effective oversight, marketing, fundraising and support while being cost effective. Through a consultative process, institutions with proven records of success and accountability are selected for support. Our reports are made available to our donors and general public on a regular basis.


Implementation and Sustainability:
HSO seeks to invest in projects which strengthen the longitudinal presence of mission institutions and their programs within the community. HSO ensures that resources go to the intended purpose to solve what is known as the ‘last mile problem’.


Commitment to poor:
HSO focuses on institutions that serve the poor. Our role will be to help the mission hospitals revert to the strategy of helping the poor access healthcare in rural, underdeveloped areas.